Division Is for Math Not Humanity

Digital Collage by Michelle Grayum titled "Stop, Please"
Digital Collage by Michelle Grayum titled "Stop, Please"
Michelle Grayum, "Stop, Please!," 2021, digital collage, 6"x6".

The pain and division within our country (and the world) this past year has been brutal. For an empath, this is painful. Not figuratively, but literally painful. It freaking hurts that people have been up in arms and have been so divisive and divided over so many things. Every little concern is controversial or politicized from wearing masks or not wearing masks to one of the most embarrassing presidential races ever. I certainly don’t want to provoke another debate, but no matter what you think of our red-headed president, you’d have to agree unification is not exactly high on his short list.

And, oh my goodness… how can racism still be a thing?! Yet… regrettably, it very sadly and actually still is. It’s so hard for me to believe that here in America, where we, the people, are supposed to be a “melting pot” — one big bowl of diverse backgrounds, skin colors, and cultures — coming together to support and uphold our freedoms can have widespread protests against the racial injustice within our own borders. America? America?! 

Anyway, besides all that… no, precisely because of all that… I feel it’s profoundly important that we have hopeful voices out here not only to speak to togetherness, positivity and love but also to listen. So yeah, … if I want be one of those voices, then I need to get back in the game, and start sharing my voice and listening for your response. So let’s start there…

How Can I Help?

I want to help heal some of these wounds. Yours and mine. As a “big-C” Creative in this current climate, what is something you’d love to see specifically from me, or that you’d love to find in your search for better days and better ways? What could give you a boost right now? I believe the arts have healing power and that art is therapeutic and capable of creating great change. If you have an thought, an idea, or a request, post it in the comments below. Let’s see what we can shake up.

Art + Kisses,


What are your thoughts?