2020: What an Awful Year

Michelle Grayum, Twenty Twenty: An Uncommon Year, 2020, digital collage 5x5"

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted. And, I’m thinking it’s high time I get my voice back online. Not to compete with all the noise, but to contribute and serve as best I can to work on the side of hope, in — let’s be honest — a really messed up moment in the timeline of global history.

My last blog post was, in fact, just before Covid starting smacking us all around like a chew toy. I think I’ve been quiet through all of it because there’s just been so much … too much to process. I feel I’ve just been sitting back in a big, blank, gaping mental stare at it all. The global phenomenon of Covid-19 is one thing, but that’s just the beginning.

This morning, I heard New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, use a “low tide” analogy in a live speech which I really think hit the nail on the head. He used the analogy in reference to how Covid-19 has exposed the “ugliness and flaws deep down in our society.” Meaning that when the tides were high (pre-Covid) we didn’t see all this stuff that lay under the surface. He also went on to say, “The truth is Covid is not the virus attacking us. We are being attacked by other viruses. Covid weakened our immune system and when your immune system is weakened, you are attacked by other viruses. And that’s what happened to America.” I get his meaning.

The year 2020 has definitely been like no other that I know. The pandemic has caused steep economic downturns everywhere, caused a swell of job loss, unemployment, and a new work-from-home and stay at home reality for millions. The curve, after 2 previous waves, is now taking off straight-up like it’s on a SpaceX Nasa mission.

Our people are so divided right now. For an empath, this is painful. Not figuratively, but literally painful. It freaking hurts that people are fighting over everything. Everything is controversial from wearing masks to one of the most embarrassing presidential races ever. No matter what you think of our president, you’d have to agree unification isn’t on his list of goals. I mean… how can racism still be a thing?! But regrettably, it is. We’ve had widespread protests against the racial injustice most prevalently seen with instances between the police and black men and women in America. America! We, the people, are supposed to be a melting pot — one happy melting pot of diverse global backgrounds — coming together to support and uphold our freedom to be ourselves. 

Anyway, besides all that… or maybe because of all that… I feel it’s brutally important that we have hopeful voices out there to listen to that speak of positivity, togetherness, and love. And … if I want to see myself as one of those voices, then I need to get back in the game and start sharing my voice.

What are your thoughts?