One for the Success Journal

close up of pink journal cover that reads "her greatest power is believing in herself"

Today’s 5 minutes:

I’ve decided to publish my five minutes of blog writing per doctors orders (9:46pm-10:03pm) rather than having it build up to a single post after several days. Yes, I know that’s 17 minutes there. But, I think that was her very idea … to break the seal; get the ball rolling; create momentum. I mean after all, it’s Newton’s First Law of motion (that things in motion tend to stay in motion). Inertia, Baby. Inertia!

Anyhoo, here’s today’s five:

So, I had a great ADHD group coaching session today. (The group coaching is something I added to my plan late March). I’m really starting to feel some good impact from the experience of being coached. I’m getting past my “I feel awkward starting something new” feeling. I’m gaining some insight about myself and how to use that knowledge in a helpful way. The group concept is a pretty cool thing, because there are extra eyes and ears for noticing things and an extra voice for sharing. It’s a pretty amazing feeling, to hear my learning partner talk through the things in her life she’s struggling with or working on. In so many ways, she sounds just like me and I can relate so much. And, it just feels nice to feel understood — to be reminded you’re not alone, and to be able to contribute an idea or two that might help them as well.

What are your thoughts?