Laundry List of Resolutions

It’s hard to believe it’s February already. It would seem a little late to be talking about my laundry list of resolutions, but … well, my brain has been spinning on overdrive (since the year turned) trying to settle on hard fast resolutions for this year. I shared an image of a quote recently on my instagram account (@findingmyfloat) that sums it up: “I’ve decided my 2019 will start on February 1st. January is a free trial month.”

It cracked me up, because I really feel like I need my January to be just that – a trial month – since I already feel like I need a fresh start to my fresh start of a new year. 

Though I may have made more progress in 2018 than I realize, I feel miles from where I want to be. I still feel a long way from really finding my float. I truly want to get to that sweet spot though — that place of balance between holding on and letting go that keeps my spirit in a place between action and rest warmly in the sun rather than treading water just to keep my head above the waves. I want to thrive (and not just merely survive)!

And, if I look back over this past year at my stats (and what feels like a large lackluster lack of success) for an indication of my future chances, I might not feel so confident about moving forward … especially when you consider the staggering length of the list of things I’d like to accomplish this year. It’s so easy to worry that dreams and aspirations are going to be just that : dreams and aspirations … impossible to actually tangibly achieve.

Never Tell Me the Odds

But in the spirit of Han Solo, I don’t want to focus on the risk of failure and spend the rest of my life playing it safe. I want to have the courage to chase my dreams and do what I can to really reach my goals … despite the rest of the world (and my father’s condescending voice in my head) telling me the odds are against me. I don’t want to succumb to worry and panic and despair. I don’t want to let the “nothing” swallow me up … don’t want to fall into some dark depression I can’t get out of. 

I know resolutions may seem trite, but they allow us to declare our intentions and to direct energy toward the pursuit of our goals. And odds are, you’re going to be more likely to achieve your goals (if we must talk about odds)… when you write them down! So in effort to get myself to start refining those goals, I’m going to toss my butterfly net at this plethora of dreams, intentions, goals and subgoals flying around my head and just get some of them written down. I know I’ll be sharing them with you soon.

How about you? What’s bubbling up for you this year?

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