My First Blogiversary

Hello, my peeps! After a 6 month hiatus, here I am, coffee in hand, at the keyboard, clicking out a message to let you know … on my one year blogiversary … I have not dropped off the planet. I’m still here, and I’m bringing this blog back, baby … one year to the day of my first blog post!

I Turned Around … and … It’s My First Blogiversary!

Realistically, I knew I would need to put the blog on hold for half a minute while getting my ducks in a row — but — I had no idea I’d need to put it on hold for half a year! I was clueless as to how little chance there ever really was for me to continue blogging alongside that swiftly moving river of life through move #1, move #2, and so many other things between then and now. All my time and energy was completely diverted away from my sweet, sweet blog and my promise of “sharing my scattered attention with you (no matter how random)” fell hard by the wayside. I’ve kept up with some of you through social media and emails, but the blog has been sitting on the shelf starkly quiet for far too long. For that, I must ask your forgiveness and understanding.

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch …

Finding My Float has ever been on my mind. Ideas have been constantly brewing for the future of my blog. In the background of my life, through all the ups and downs, my mind has been chewing and digesting on thoughts, ideas and emotions I want to share, as well as plans and goals I want to strive toward in 2019.

Luckily, I finally feel like I’m in a place where I can see with a little clarity.

This year, my intentions are to blog more often. Twice as often, actually. Specifically, Mondays and Thursdays (I may need to work UP to the 2 days/week) … but once I’m there with it, I want to continue ALL year this year. I want to take “all the things” of my life that I’m still wanting to tackle, figure out, learn how to manage and run them all through this blog for accountability as I work toward my second blogiversary. I want to thrive not just survive, so as I continue on my pursuit of happy-ness, peace and finding my float, I hope you will continue alongside with me. <3

xoxo, imgy

What are your thoughts?