Ducks in a Row

Endless shelves full of yellow rubber duckies to serve as a visual for an ADDer getting their ducks in a row.

Getting your “ducks in a row” is an admirable goal for anyone these days, but I’d dare say it’s an even bigger challenge for the ADD’er to have one’s ducks in line. The idea behind the idiom is to have all one’s preparations done and arranged before beginning an activity or project. The phrase, as you might imagine, is likely derived from the allusion of a mother duck leading her ducklings in an orderly single file row as they go about their ducky business.   

All the Things

Nailing this concept of having my ducks in a row is a constant swim upstream for someone like myself with ADHD. But, it’s either swim like crazy or get carried away by the current, right? That’s how it often feels, anyway. The thing is, my growing list is about to get exponentially bigger.

We’ll be moving our downtown studio / office across town. A small portion of it’s contents will move home and the majority will live in a storage unit (temporarily), until we can nail down where our home will be. We may be moving to the next town over in the next month or two … depending on an acceptance we’re waiting on. We’d expected to have our answer long before now, so we’re still in a dreaded hurry up and wait pattern, aka, limbo. It’s enough to cause literal brain freeze. So, there’s a bit of stepping out on Faith here while I simultaneously don’t feel like I have time for my brain to freeze on me. So I’m going to need that Faith, and take the time to dig deep with self-care and lean in hard utilizing the new resources I’ve picked up since ADHD diagnosis.

Scattered Attention

So, if I haven’t seemed as ‘present’ with the blog lately, it’s likely due to my scattered attention regarding our business and home and upcoming future. Full honesty here, I might remain a bit scattered through these moves (or move, depending), but we’ll see. If we’re approved for the new home … we’ll be able to incorporate our office/studio into the new home. If we aren’t approved, we’ll have to find a way to squeeze it in here where we currently live. I actually already have my home studio at home, but Indy’s design office and art studio will have to get worked in.

Somehow, I want to find time to bring my thoughts and experiences to you along the way without the normal pressure I put on myself to pull off a post … so they’ll likely be “off-kilter” for a bit. They may be shorter and perhaps more frequent, and more random for a time … or they might show up posted on my weekly schedule (Sundays) but go live late. *For example, I’m literally posting THIS post you are reading one full week later than it was initially written and meant to be posted. I have so much to say, but feel like I don’t have the appropriate time to devote to saying it “the way” I’d prefer … so I think I need take my perfectionistic desires, set them aside and “let it go” like the Disney movie, Frozen.

Ultimately, I’m hoping that sharing my scattered attention with you (no matter how random) will be better than no attention while I’m getting my ducks in a row prior to move #1 and hopefully through move #2. Hopefully — if you feel like you’re juggling “all the things” right now in your life, too — finding these posts could be a comfort to know you’re not alone. If you do know the feeling … feel free to email me or share below in the comments. I promise I’ll find the time to get back to you <3

xoxo, imgy

What are your thoughts?