Aloha, Friends!

Aloha! ? 

Welcome to my blog! I’m so glad you are here. Recently, I discovered that the invisible “thing” I’ve been wrestling with all my life is actually Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (aka, ADHD). Awakened by my otherwise unexpected diagnosis of ADHD, I’ve decided to share my intimate mission for dramatic life change. With this blog, I’m hoping to create an inspirational space for those of us who “get it” and maybe also help a few that don’t (yet) get a better understanding of ADHD, too.

I’ll be posting at least once a week as I get started and then more frequently as I get more comfortable with the process. I hope you join me on my journey as I learn to find my float.

Image of pineapple being held up in front of the ocean and horizon by two female hands to welcome readers to the blog Finding My Float.

Aloha Is a Beautiful Word

Did you know that “Aloha” — besides being a really awesome Hawaiian word that multi-tasks as hello and goodbye — is meant to inherently convey … love, affection, peace, compassion, and mercy (at the same time, every time)? I know, right?!

And just so you know, I intentionally greet you with that word because I wish to convey to you, my sweet, new reader: Aloha! … as I set sail on this voyage to discover what my ADHD really is and what it means to be a grown woman, wife, and mother just finding out that I have this thing (this “disorder?”) that’s apparently been messing with me my whole life.

Just months before my 45th birthday, after years of feeling different, distracted, forgetful, anxious, and overwhelmed … seeing myself as a failure amidst random successes, having the attention span of a gnat, yet somehow also able to laser focus for hours on end (sometimes)… I was diagnosed with adult ADHD … literally smack in the middle of my life.

This blog was born to navigate the healing process from chaos to calm and to simultaneously shine a light on both the challenges and gifts that come with an ADHD diagnosis. While researching and writing about ADHD, I want to connect with my ADHD tribe and those touched by ADHD. With vulnerability and humor, I plan to candidly share my experiences, struggles, and discoveries with you, as well as explore ADHD’s hidden superpowers and all the ways it screws with you, your family, your work, your education, your goals, your everything.

The Hope …

As I share this journey with you … my aim is, ultimately, to learn how to convey Aloha — love, affection, peace, compassion, and mercy — both to myself (in light of being a hot mess) and to all of you. And then, like a good, good friend, you’ll spill out that same awesome sauce on all you meet as well, won’t you? Together we can change the world!

Okay, maybe that’s a little grandiose, but hey … the ones who actually change the world are the ones crazy enough to believe they can, right?!

That’s my hope, anyway … To make the world – my world, your world – a little less chaotic and friction-filled … To give us all space where we can experience some much-needed Aloha … To spread the feeling of being safe, content, wrapped in love, held in peace and grace, like wildfire.

To find our float … that feeling … for that priceless infinite moment, where we can convincingly and wholly let go, relaxed and unfurled into pure faith that God and the turquoise beneath will hold us up and never let us down.

That. I’m looking for that. Again and again … and again.

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