With summer upon us, I explore submerged emotions and memories by lifting them to the surface and letting them breathe. By building layers of paint with my brush (including oils and metal powders), and then carving and fusing a molten medium of beeswax, pigments and resin, I’m able to create translucent, glassy layers of wax that are rich with color, texture, and a sense of space. Encaustics are extremely versatile in this way. They allow both recognizably poetic scenes, such as two birds watching a sunset together or flowers blowing in the wind, to coexist alongside more fiery, textural abstractions.

With Shades Of Summer, my hope is that these images will open a door for the viewer, providing a multi-level escape into a world where summer has planted itself and is in full bloom.

Michelle Grayum is an artist living and working in Nashville, Tennessee.